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  1. The financial debacles that occurred in the companies like Enron, WorldCom, and Xerox in the USA, Lehman Brothers, Polly Peck in the UK and African Petroleum Plc., Cadbury Plc., in Nigeria had created public d...

    Authors: Paul Olojede, Olayinka Erin, Osariemen Asiriuwa and Momoh Usman
    Citation: Future Business Journal 2020 6:10
  2. This paper uses the event study methodology to analyze the impact of unexpected political event on stocks abnormal returns. The objective is twofold. The first is to reach robust estimates of stocks abnormal r...

    Authors: Tarek Ibrahim Eldomiaty, Marwa Anwar, Nebal Magdy and Mohamed Nabil Hakam
    Citation: Future Business Journal 2020 6:22
  3. This paper investigates the relationships between environmental technology and competitiveness focusing on 224 industrial corporations. To date, there is still a debate regarding the benefits of being green. P...

    Authors: Milad Abdelnabi Salem, Fekri Shawtari, Hafezali Bin Iqbal Hussain and Mohd Farid Shamsudin
    Citation: Future Business Journal 2020 6:17
  4. Increase in industrial output is an important indicator to identify the socio-economic development of a nation. India is one of the fastest-growing economies in the world; using its comparative advantage and c...

    Authors: A. Sankaran, A. Vadivel and M. Abdul Jamal
    Citation: Future Business Journal 2020 6:15
  5. The study investigates the determinants of electronic payment adoption and the role of electronic payment on consumers’ purchase decisions as well as its effects on consumers’ spending growth in Nigeria. To ac...

    Authors: Lukman O. Oyelami, Sulaimon O. Adebiyi and Babatunde S. Adekunle
    Citation: Future Business Journal 2020 6:14
  6. Globally, the challenges of the oil and gas industry are unique due to the nature of its operations that is full of risks. Issues like volatile market prices, health and safety, environmental performance and h...

    Authors: R. Tasmin, M. H. Muazu, A. H. Nor Aziati and N. L. Zohadi
    Citation: Future Business Journal 2020 6:7
  7. In this study, the significance of using Porter’s generic strategies in firms that operate in competitive environments is investigated. The aim is to indicate the effects of Porter’s generic strategies (low-co...

    Authors: Xhavit Islami, Naim Mustafa and Marija Topuzovska Latkovikj
    Citation: Future Business Journal 2020 6:3
  8. The existing literature highlights the determinants of trade openness with disregard to the income classifications of countries in examining whether the determinants differ given their income levels. This stud...

    Authors: Dennis Boahene Osei, Yakubu Awudu Sare and Muazu Ibrahim
    Citation: Future Business Journal 2019 5:2

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