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  1. This study aims to investigate the influence of macroeconomic variables and bank-specific factors on the credit risk of Islamic banking in Pakistan, through the panel data regression tools. The statistical too...

    Authors: Fazeelat Iqra Shaheen, Nadia Ameer Uddin Khan, Mirza Adnan Baig and Mohammad Muzammil
    Citation: Future Business Journal 2024 10:4
  2. Green purchase behavior in Pakistan faces challenges due to lack of awareness, limited availability, and greenwashing by companies that demand use of online environmental platforms. The study aims to examine t...

    Authors: Seemab Rana, Fazilathunissa Shafi, Aimen Rasheed and Muhammad Imran Malik
    Citation: Future Business Journal 2024 10:3
  3. This paper highlights the need to fight corruption in developing economies to ensure a better allocation of public resources in a context of institutional failure with the discretionary power of budgetary auth...

    Authors: Porto Bazie, Noël Thiombiano and Eugénie. W. H. Maiga
    Citation: Future Business Journal 2024 10:2
  4. The research investigates the determinants of private banks profitability in Egypt. The determinants are bank specific (liquidity, capital adequacy, bank size, asset structure, credit risk, and non-performing ...

    Authors: Doaa M. Salman Abdou and Yomna Alarabi
    Citation: Future Business Journal 2024 10:1
  5. Today, the use of chatbots for different functions in various industries has become a very interesting business for companies. Chatbots are promising types of interfaces. It is therefore necessary to understan...

    Authors: Moez Ltifi
    Citation: Future Business Journal 2023 9:109
  6. The adoption of cloud services offers manifold advantages to public organizations; however, ensuring data privacy during data transfers has become increasingly complex since the inception of the General Data P...

    Authors: Awatef Issaoui, Jenny Örtensjö and M. Sirajul Islam
    Citation: Future Business Journal 2023 9:107
  7. This paper contributes to the discussion on environmental degradation by exploring the connection between banking sector development and environmental degradation in the ECOWAS. In addition, we investigate the...

    Authors: Kwadwo Boateng Prempeh, Samuel Asuamah Yeboah, Felix Kwabena Danso and Joseph Magnus Frimpong
    Citation: Future Business Journal 2023 9:106
  8. This research provides value to marketing researchers and professionals in regard to what triggers customers to purchase compulsively by studying the impact of materialism and self-congruence on the obsessive–...

    Authors: Nada A. Gohar, Dina M. Magdi, Areej A. Abdullah, Abanob Y. Ghali, Omneya A. Marzouk, Diana A. Soliman and Samia Adly Hanna El Sheikh
    Citation: Future Business Journal 2023 9:105
  9. This study explores the intricate interplay between internal brand management (IBM), leadership styles, and organisational citizenship behaviour (OCB) in the dynamic Egyptian hospitality industry. The purpose ...

    Authors: Hazem Tawfik Halim, Yasser Tawfik Halim and Osman Mohamed Elsawy
    Citation: Future Business Journal 2023 9:101
  10. The study investigates the impact of user-generated content (UGC) and micro-celebrity posts on the online purchasing behavior of Generation Z on social networking sites. In addition, the mediator function of t...

    Authors: Sabakun Naher Shetu
    Citation: Future Business Journal 2023 9:100
  11. This paper aims to examine the impact of institutional design, glass ceiling syndromes, traditional stereotypes on gender equality in public organizations in Egypt, and finally the effect of age as a moderatin...

    Authors: Yasser Tawfik Halim, Zeinab Abbas Zaazou and Mohamed Samy El-Deeb
    Citation: Future Business Journal 2023 9:99
  12. The changes in market dynamics, customer-to-customer interactions, and the use of artificial intelligence have created a great concern among marketers in understanding customer behaviours such as customer loya...

    Authors: Pamela Liana, Jan-Erik Jaensson and Goodluck Mmari
    Citation: Future Business Journal 2023 9:98
  13. This study examines the understanding of banking governance among the sample participants and its effectiveness in achieving significant objectives. The research methodology employed in this study adopts a des...

    Authors: Kawa Wali, Kees van Paridon and Bnar Karim Darwish
    Citation: Future Business Journal 2023 9:95
  14. The tourism and hospitality industries are experiencing transformative shifts driven by the proliferation of digital technologies facilitating real-time customer communication and data collection. This evoluti...

    Authors: T. D. Dang and M. T. Nguyen
    Citation: Future Business Journal 2023 9:94

    The Correction to this article has been published in Future Business Journal 2024 10:19

  15. An important fact related to mobile payments is that adopters have already reached the majority group in more than 40 countries. Despite the growth of mobile payments, only a small portion of the related liter...

    Authors: Carlos Tadao Kawamoto, Renata Giovinazzo Spers, André Leme Fleury, Paulo Roberto Feldmann and Nelson Daishiro Yoshida
    Citation: Future Business Journal 2023 9:93
  16. This study examines the role of women included in governance system in explaining the impact of dividend policy framework on the risk-taking of banks, using a panel dataset of 52 African countries over the per...

    Authors: Daniel Ofori-Sasu, Gloria Clarissa Dzeha, Vera Ogeh Fiador and Joshua Yindenaba Abor
    Citation: Future Business Journal 2023 9:92
  17. Gross Domestic Product is regarded as the major indicator which determines the standards of living in a country. Consequently, energy use is far regarded as one of the major determinants of economic growth in ...

    Authors: Abraham Deka, Huseyin Ozdeser, Mehdi Seraj and Musbau Omotola Kadir
    Citation: Future Business Journal 2023 9:52
  18. The purpose of this study was to find out what measures were taken to manage human resources during the COVID-19 pandemic by the Ghana Revenue Authority in Ghana. This was necessary because, even though electr...

    Authors: Juliana Abagsonema Abane, Edward Brenya and Andrews Boakye Agyapong
    Citation: Future Business Journal 2023 9:89
  19. The level of satisfaction received on the job is highly essential in the discharge of duty. Nurses' respected level of job satisfaction improves turnover, commitment, and patient satisfaction. This study asses...

    Authors: Joseph Olawale Olaniyan, Kemisola Mercy Adetunji and Ademola Abiodun Adetunji
    Citation: Future Business Journal 2023 9:87
  20. This study investigated the impact of monetary policy channels on the real sector performance in selected sub-Saharan African countries. This study covers the period 1990 to 2020. The broad objective of the st...

    Authors: Ifeoma Florence Onaga, Augustine C. Arize, Josaphat U. J Onwumere and Ebere Ume Kalu
    Citation: Future Business Journal 2023 9:49
  21. Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, financial and commodity markets have exhibited significant volatility and displayed fat tail properties, deviating from the normal probability curve. The recent Russia...

    Authors: Izunna Anyikwa and Andrew Phiri
    Citation: Future Business Journal 2023 9:48
  22. In the wake of the pandemic, retail services—especially vulnerable to ethical dilemmas due to heightened market instability—demand a deeper understanding of service employees’ behaviors. This research investig...

    Authors: Ishtehar Sharif Swazan and Song-yi Youn
    Citation: Future Business Journal 2023 9:84
  23. Sports fans participate in supporting sports teams by demonstrating various attitudinal behaviors such as loyalty, purchase intention, and stadium attendance. However, although the literature indicates that sp...

    Authors: David Amani
    Citation: Future Business Journal 2023 9:83
  24. The health emergency undertaken by the Ethiopian government to counter the impact of the Covid-19 virus has been reflected in consumer behavior. The study aims to identify changes in consumer buying behavior a...

    Authors: Ahmed Mohammed Yimer, Tsadiku Setegne Dessie, Seid Hussein Oumer and Mohammed Yimam Ali
    Citation: Future Business Journal 2023 9:82
  25. The study investigates what causes non-performing loans (NPLs) in developed and developing countries. To identify the relationship between bank-specific, macroeconomic determinants, and institutional environme...

    Authors: Shikha Goyal, Nikita Singhal, Nandita Mishra and Subhash Kumar Verma
    Citation: Future Business Journal 2023 9:45
  26. Sustainability is a vital perspective for banks to keep their survival in the long run. While nonperforming loans (NPLs) also impact sustainability, this study aims to examine the moderating impact of NPLs on ...

    Authors: Saba Iqbal and Safia Nosheen
    Citation: Future Business Journal 2023 9:46
  27. While psychological, emotional, and physical exhaustion has contributed to unproductivity across various dimensions of work life, how work burnout has shaped the organisational commitment of medical profession...

    Authors: Valerie Onyia Babatope, Jude Okoye, Ibrahim Ayoade Adekunle and Johnson Fejoh
    Citation: Future Business Journal 2023 9:44
  28. This paper presents the results of ridge regression analysis of the relationship between government spending in emancipation programmes and multidimensional poverty, focusing on South Africa. Through the Princ...

    Authors: Mlungisi Mokoena and Adrino Mazenda
    Citation: Future Business Journal 2023 9:78
  29. Social media has recently played a highly impactful role in communication. Specifically, these channels are vital and have a substantial influence on the attitudes, behavioural intentions, and actual behaviour...

    Authors: Zyad M. Alzaydi and Mohamed H. Elsharnouby
    Citation: Future Business Journal 2023 9:42

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