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  1. This study employs the gravity model to estimate the extent of the contribution of six African trade blocs to the global economy using the gravity model spanning from 1980 to 2018. The gravity equation that mo...

    Authors: David Oluseun Olayungbo and Badar Alam Iqbal
    Citation: Future Business Journal 2021 7:45
  2. The purpose of this study is to assess the contribution of Oromia Credit and Saving Share Company microfinance institution on poverty alleviation in Welmera district, Oromia Special Zone Surrounding Finfine, O...

    Authors: Dejene Adugna Chomen
    Citation: Future Business Journal 2021 7:44
  3. This study investigates the impact of liquidity risk on stock returns of 149 firms in the industrial products and services sectors of Bursa Malaysia from January 2000 to December 2018 with a monthly frequency ...

    Authors: Rapheedah Musneh, Mohd. Rahimie Abdul Karim and Caroline Geetha A/P Arokiadasan Baburaw
    Citation: Future Business Journal 2021 7:60
  4. This study examines the impact of fiscal, monetary and trade policies on Nigerian economic growth from 1985 to 2020. This study adopts endogenous growth model (AK model) as its theoretical framework. The unit ...

    Authors: Olufemi Samuel Adegboyo, Sunday Anderu Keji and Oluwadamilola Tosin Fasina
    Citation: Future Business Journal 2021 7:59
  5. Business confidence matters for future growth as it relies on opinion surveys of developments in production activities, orders and stocks of finished products. Is it then affected by economic policy uncertaint...

    Authors: Oluwasegun B. Adekoya and Johnson A. Oliyide
    Citation: Future Business Journal 2021 7:58
  6. Given the effects COVID-19 pandemic on the financial sectors across the world, this study examined the reaction of stock returns of 201 firms listed in the Nigerian Stock Exchange to the COVID-19 pandemic and ...

    Authors: Isiaka Akande Raifu, Terver Theophilus Kumeka and Alarudeen Aminu
    Citation: Future Business Journal 2021 7:35
  7. This research intends to explore the presence of the “turn-of-the-month-effect (TOME)” in the Pakistani stock market. The TOME is the temporary increase in prices of registered shares on the last operating day...

    Authors: Muhammad Sarmad Irtiza, Shahbaz Khan, Nida Baig, Syed Muhammad Ali Tirmizi and Ilyas Ahmad
    Citation: Future Business Journal 2021 7:43
  8. In today's competitive world, three factors: price, quality and time have critical roles in the success of the companies to achieve success in the competition. For this purpose, the companies have to also adap...

    Authors: Mohammad Mahdi Rounaghi, Hajer Jarrar and Leo-Paul Dana
    Citation: Future Business Journal 2021 7:31
  9. This study employs sample t-tests and panel pooled OLS regression to investigate the impact of COVID-19 pandemic on Islamic versus conventional stock markets returns. The study uses daily data from 15 countries o...

    Authors: Naji Mansour Nomran and Razali Haron
    Citation: Future Business Journal 2021 7:33
  10. Motivation as a meaningful construct is a desire to satisfy a certain want and is a central pillar at the workplace. Thus, motivating employees adequately is a challenge as it has what it takes to define emplo...

    Authors: Joseph Ato Forson, Eric Ofosu-Dwamena, Rosemary Afrakomah Opoku and Samuel Evergreen Adjavon
    Citation: Future Business Journal 2021 7:30
  11. This study investigates fiscal dominance and exchange rate stability in Nigeria. The period of investigation spanned 1981q1–2018q4, and the Structural Vector Autoregression (SVAR) technique was employed to tes...

    Authors: Taofeek Olusola Ayinde and Abiodun S. Bankole
    Citation: Future Business Journal 2021 7:34
  12. Over the past decade, financial inclusion has been a trending topic and key priority in developing countries seeking to build a resilient financial sector and pursuing economic growth. Most of the recently lau...

    Authors: Mohamed Samy ElDeeb, Yasser Tawfik Halim and Esmat Mostafa Kamel
    Citation: Future Business Journal 2021 7:32
  13. The main purpose of this study was to find out the relationship between financial literacy and financial behavior and to discover the mediating influence of family financial socialization on this relationship....

    Authors: Sumaira Khawar and Aamir Sarwar
    Citation: Future Business Journal 2021 7:27
  14. Realizing the export-led economic growth potential, the study aims to check the dynamic influence of manufacturing output premised on learning effects model on the export behavior of emerging market economies....

    Authors: Arumugam Sankaran, Arjun Krishna and Arjunan Vadivel
    Citation: Future Business Journal 2021 7:26
  15. The Next-11 (N11) countries have witnessed great advancements in economic activities in the past few years. However, the simultaneous attainment of environmental sustainability and improved human well-being ha...

    Authors: Solomon Prince Nathaniel
    Citation: Future Business Journal 2021 7:24
  16. The controversial debate on whether high population translates to weak or better economic growth has been a topical discussion in the area of development economics. This study therefore uses the data of the Ni...

    Authors: Olorunfemi Yasiru Alimi, Akinola Christopher Fagbohun and Mohammed Abubakar
    Citation: Future Business Journal 2021 7:20
  17. This paper examines the long run and short run link between dividend payout policy and corporate performance of quoted companies in Nigeria over the period 2001–2018. The study employs data of 80 listed compan...

    Authors: Olayinka Olufisayo Akinlo and John Ayobamibo Olayiwola
    Citation: Future Business Journal 2021 7:23
  18. This study assesses the differences between Islamic and conventional bank’s productivity. Earlier studies on bank productivity focused on conventional banks, but few have been done on Islamic banks. Therefore,...

    Authors: Ribed Vianneca W. Jubilee, Fakarudin Kamarudin, Ahmed Razman Abdul Latiff, Hafezali Iqbal Hussain and Khar Mang Tan
    Citation: Future Business Journal 2021 7:22
  19. This study explores the nexus between foreign aid and Chad's economic growth. Empirical evidence is based on annual data from 1982 to 2018. The study used ARDL, FMOLS, and DOLS techniques to establish intercon...

    Authors: Dervis Kirikkaleli, Ibrahim Adeshola, Tomiwa Sunday Adebayo and Abraham Ayobamiji Awosusi
    Citation: Future Business Journal 2021 7:17
  20. Tourism is one of the most important sectors for several researchers and decision makers, due to its influence on the world economic growth in the twenty-first century, making it as a source of competition bet...

    Authors: Salah Eddine Sari Hassoun, Khayereddine Salim Adda and Asma Hadjira Sebbane
    Citation: Future Business Journal 2021 7:14
  21. The study is to present an integrative model of predictors and outcome of customer satisfaction in the fast food sector of Pakistan and also examine its effects. Moreover, we also examined the contingent effec...

    Authors: Sara Javed, Md. Salamun Rashidin and Wang Jian
    Citation: Future Business Journal 2021 7:12
  22. Development economists have enjoined Africans to leverage on remittance as their main source of investment financing due to its constant and undisrupted inflows despite structural distortions and economic weak...

    Authors: Chinenye Ifeoma Nwokolo, Matthew Ikechukwu Ogbuagu and Wakeel Atanda Isola
    Citation: Future Business Journal 2021 7:8
  23. The purpose of the study is to investigate the internal drivers and external determinants of corporate social responsibility (CSR) strategies practiced by multinational enterprises’ (MNEs) using institutional ...

    Authors: Tolossa Fufa Gulema and Yadessa Tadesse Roba
    Citation: Future Business Journal 2021 7:7
  24. As an economic bloc, the Association of Southeast Asia Nations (ASEAN) aims to leverage the usage of e-commerce for the benefits of all: government, enterprises, and citizens of its member countries. However, ...

    Authors: Abu H. Ayob
    Citation: Future Business Journal 2021 7:4
  25. The study aimed to investigate the relationship between organizational environment antecedents and their impact on performance management among local government authorities and to further understand the role o...

    Authors: Juliana Abagsonema Abane and Edward Brenya
    Citation: Future Business Journal 2021 7:3
  26. This conceptual paper aims at identifying a theoretical framework for the determinants of revenue management (RM) practices and their impacts on the financial performance of hotels. To create this framework, a...

    Authors: Michael Murimi, Billy Wadongo and Tom Olielo
    Citation: Future Business Journal 2021 7:2
  27. The aim of this research was to study the effect of transformational leadership on employees’ work outcomes which include their work performances and working burnout, and their working behavior such as social ...

    Authors: Hira Khan, Maryam Rehmat, Tahira Hassan Butt, Saira Farooqi and Javaria Asim
    Citation: Future Business Journal 2020 6:40
  28. This commentary is on Shirley Gregor’s (2006) article titled “The Nature of Theory in Information Systems”, published in MIS Quarterly. In terms of theories, five types have been prominent in Gregor’s classifi...

    Authors: Sajjad Hussain and Imran Bashir Dar
    Citation: Future Business Journal 2020 6:41
  29. The purpose of this study is to investigate the underlying mechanism through which knowledge hoarding is triggered among ostracized employees at workplace. Drawing on conservation of resource theory, the study...

    Authors: Bilal Khalid, Rimsha Iqbal and Syed Danial Hashmi
    Citation: Future Business Journal 2020 6:39

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