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  1. This study examines the determinants of bank profitability using a quantile regression approach, offering insights into factors affecting banks across different percentiles of profitability. Utilizing a compre...

    Authors: Adriana Bruscato Bortoluzzo, Rodrigo Ricardo Ciganda and Mauricio Mesquita Bortoluzzo
    Citation: Future Business Journal 2024 10:56
  2. Our study verified the implications of the spillover of geopolitical risk (GPR) shocks to the economic crisis in Ghana. Our analysis employed the VAR-based spillover models by Diebold and Yilmaz (Int J Forecas...

    Authors: Kwame Ofori Asomaning, Shah Hamayoon and Emmanuel Uche
    Citation: Future Business Journal 2024 10:55
  3. Internationalisation is a way for companies' growth and economic development in transition economies with the potential to contribute to a more sustainable world. Social and solidarity economy cooperatives (SS...

    Authors: Mercedes Moreira-Menéndez, Roberto Pico-Saltos and Carlos Edison Zambrano
    Citation: Future Business Journal 2024 10:54
  4. This paper aims to investigate government policy intervention for mitigating the impacts of COVID-19 on small and medium enterprises (SMEs). This paper has utilized a methodology comprising of bibliometrics, n...

    Authors: Md. Nazmus Sakib and Md. Mahbubur Rahman
    Citation: Future Business Journal 2024 10:50
  5. Despite having to rely on hybrid payment systems that combine manual and electronic methods, less developing countries such as Pakistan still manage to perform business transactions successfully. This success ...

    Authors: Khan Burhan Khan, Noor Ismawati Jaafar and Shamshul Bahri Zakaria
    Citation: Future Business Journal 2024 10:49
  6. The purpose of this study is to examine the mediating role of the quality-based knowledge management systems (KMSs) in explaining the relationships between AMO-based high-performance work systems (HPWSs) and o...

    Authors: Mona Moustafa Elashry, Wael Abd elrazik Kortam and Tarek Mohamed Ali
    Citation: Future Business Journal 2024 10:45
  7. This paper investigates the mechanisms that lead organizations to impose unnecessary burdens on their actors. The prevailing narrative in the literature is that unnecessary organizational burden (UOB) is created ...

    Authors: Oren Ginzburg, Stefanie Weil and Arjen van Witteloostuijn
    Citation: Future Business Journal 2024 10:44
  8. With the increase in economic growth, the world is facing serious challenges concerning environmental sustainability. Hence, the green economic growth is imperative for sustainable and inclusive development. T...

    Authors: Mohammad Jibran Gul Wani, Nanthakumar Loganathan and Hanaa Abdelaty Hasan Esmail
    Citation: Future Business Journal 2024 10:43
  9. Although there has been a growing interest by researchers worldwide over the past decades to identify the factors pertaining to corporate financial distress and to develop financial distress prediction models ...

    Authors: Noha Adel Mohamed Abdelkader and Hayam Hassan Wahba
    Citation: Future Business Journal 2024 10:42
  10. This study explores the attitude–behavior relationship among voters for political party brands that use a sustainable or green marketing approach. A structural equation modeling is used to analyze data collect...

    Authors: Parul Yadav, Bhawna Agarwal and Jones Mathew
    Citation: Future Business Journal 2024 10:41
  11. Despite the presence of a considerable corpus of literature investigating the impact of aid on nations' development, the efficiency of utilizing this finite pool of development finance remains ambiguous. The m...

    Authors: Mohamed F. Sakr, Kamal Samy Selim and Sherin Gamaleldin Taha
    Citation: Future Business Journal 2024 10:40
  12. This study aims to develop a systematic review of the influence of Service Quality and Perceived Value on Satisfaction and Intention to Continue the Relationship from an international and empirical perspective...

    Authors: Budiarto Tedja, Mochammad Al Musadieq, Andriani Kusumawati and Edy Yulianto
    Citation: Future Business Journal 2024 10:39
  13. Drawing on conservation of resources theory, the study aimed to investigate the relationship between work–family conflict (time-based, strain-based and behavior-based) and project manager abusive supervision i...

    Authors: Muhammad Rafique, Mastura Jaafar, Saira Ahmed and Muhammad Amjad-ur-Rehman
    Citation: Future Business Journal 2024 10:38
  14. This paper aims to examine the moderating effects of board size on the relationship between dividends and firm value in Malaysian settings. The theoretical foundations of this research were the integration bet...

    Authors: Mohd Ashari Bakri, Nurjeehan Ayub and Haneffa Muchlis Gazali
    Citation: Future Business Journal 2024 10:37
  15. This study hypothesizes that distracted auditors affect audit quality. As a result of resources scarcity, auditors pay more attention to financially distressed audit clients rather than non-financially distres...

    Authors: Reem Essam Bedeir
    Citation: Future Business Journal 2024 10:36
  16. The core objective of this article is to explore the viability of uncovered interest parity and to reconnoiter major determinants of domestic interest rates of the Pakistan and China economies. It is imperativ...

    Authors: Malik Saqib Ali, Ishtiaq Ahmad and Muhammad Faizan
    Citation: Future Business Journal 2024 10:35
  17. It is of interest to examine how consumers perceive luxury brands with the different elements of authenticity, leading to brand image, for companies to create and build a brand that is conducive to influence p...

    Authors: Neo Ligaraba, Joy Cheng, Nompumelelo Fortunate Ndungwane and Brighton Nyagadza
    Citation: Future Business Journal 2024 10:33
  18. Corporate governance relies significantly on the board of directors, who act as custodians of shareholders' interests. The dynamics of social connections between Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) and board membe...

    Authors: Emerson Jorge da Silva, Fernando Maciel Ramos, Priscila Cembranel and Cleonice Witt
    Citation: Future Business Journal 2024 10:31
  19. The present study sought to comprehend the impact of human capital on radical and incremental innovation, with a focus on examining the mediating effects of entrepreneurial passion and entrepreneurial alertness.

    Authors: Tayyaba Rafique, Muhammad Mohsin, Muhammad Adeel Abid, Ali Noman Ashrif and Saliah Anwar
    Citation: Future Business Journal 2024 10:30
  20. Online retailers in emerging markets like South Africa are adopting Bitcoin payments. This study explores factors driving consumer adoption and word-of-mouth (WOM) recommendations for Bitcoin in online transac...

    Authors: Thabang E. Mofokeng, Steven Mbeya and Daniel K. Maduku
    Citation: Future Business Journal 2024 10:26
  21. This paper investigates the effects of corporate risk disclosure (CRD) and dividend policy (DP) on firm value (FV) for non-financial companies listed on the Egyptian Stock Exchange. Using a sample of 45 non-fi...

    Authors: Mohamed Samy El-Deeb and Mohamed Fathy Allam
    Citation: Future Business Journal 2024 10:25
  22. This paper examines the impact of gender diversity on financial reporting quality (accrual and real earnings management). We use a sample of 78 Egyptian listed companies over the period 2009–2021. The quality ...

    Authors: Eman F. Attia, Sameh Yassen, Ahmed Chafai and Ahmed Qotb
    Citation: Future Business Journal 2024 10:24
  23. The study conducts a comprehensive retrospective analysis of the social media marketing literature along with text mining and bibliometric analysis using data obtained from the Scopus database. The analysis is...

    Authors: Abu Bashar, Mohammad Wasiq, Brighton Nyagadza and Eugine Tafadzwa Maziriri
    Citation: Future Business Journal 2024 10:23
  24. The objective of this paper is to explore the interconnectedness of volatility among the stock markets of U.S., China, India, and Pakistan in conjunction with oil and gold markets. Employing the novel Time-Var...

    Authors: Muhammad Niaz Khan
    Citation: Future Business Journal 2024 10:22
  25. This study aims to clarify the impact that CSR marketing has on the firm performance. Benefits of Corporate Social Responsibility Marketing Activities Employed by Companies Explored through Website, Google Sea...

    Authors: Sara Mohamed Abdelaziz El-Menawy and Nehad Hosny Yusuf El-Sayed
    Citation: Future Business Journal 2024 10:20
  26. This study examines the impact of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) disclosure on integrated reporting disclosure quality (IRDQ) and the moderating role of board of directors (BOD) characteristics. P...

    Authors: Zakia Abdelmoneim and Mohamed Samy El-Deeb
    Citation: Future Business Journal 2024 10:18
  27. Career crafting has emerged as a significant construct in the field of career development, with the potential to significantly boost individuals’ overall work satisfaction. This study aimed to examine whether ...

    Authors: Naglaa Mohamed Diaa, Ali Zain Ul Abidin and Marvin Roller
    Citation: Future Business Journal 2024 10:16
  28. This paper aims to examine the impact of both information technology governance (ITG) and data governance on information technology (IT) performance in the telecommunication industry. A questionnaire of 308 ma...

    Authors: Hend Mohamed Naguib, Hossam Magdy Kassem and Abd El-Hamed Mostafa Abou Naem
    Citation: Future Business Journal 2024 10:15
  29. Globally, artificial intelligence (AI) occupies a burgeoning space among recruiters as it replaces many of the recruitment and selection tasks while hiring the talents. Despite the existence and acceptance of ...

    Authors: Muhaiminul Islam, Md. Mahbubur Rahman, Md. Abu Taher, G. M. Azmal Ali Quaosar and Md. Aftab Uddin
    Citation: Future Business Journal 2024 10:13
  30. A series of crises triggered over a decade may bring global recession, which may impact millions of investors, including countries teetering on the brink due to forex reserve shortages; this study addresses th...

    Authors: Shubham Kakran, Nishant Sapra, Ashish Kumar and Arpit Sidhu
    Citation: Future Business Journal 2024 10:12
  31. Working types are one of the main issues affected by the turbulences in today’s business life and should be handled carefully. Telework is developing in the shadow of information and communication technologies...

    Authors: Halil Yorulmaz and Serkan Eti
    Citation: Future Business Journal 2024 10:10
  32. This study aims to consolidate the available knowledge on gender diversity and its impact on the dual performance (social and financial) of Microfinance Institutions (MFIs). We specifically focus on MFIs due t...

    Authors: Md Imran Hossain, Md Aslam Mia and Lucia Dalla Pellegrina
    Citation: Future Business Journal 2024 10:9

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