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  1. An important fact related to mobile payments is that adopters have already reached the majority group in more than 40 countries. Despite the growth of mobile payments, only a small portion of the related liter...

    Authors: Carlos Tadao Kawamoto, Renata Giovinazzo Spers, André Leme Fleury, Paulo Roberto Feldmann and Nelson Daishiro Yoshida
    Citation: Future Business Journal 2023 9:93
  2. This study examines the role of women included in governance system in explaining the impact of dividend policy framework on the risk-taking of banks, using a panel dataset of 52 African countries over the per...

    Authors: Daniel Ofori-Sasu, Gloria Clarissa Dzeha, Vera Ogeh Fiador and Joshua Yindenaba Abor
    Citation: Future Business Journal 2023 9:92
  3. Gross Domestic Product is regarded as the major indicator which determines the standards of living in a country. Consequently, energy use is far regarded as one of the major determinants of economic growth in ...

    Authors: Abraham Deka, Huseyin Ozdeser, Mehdi Seraj and Musbau Omotola Kadir
    Citation: Future Business Journal 2023 9:52
  4. The purpose of this study was to find out what measures were taken to manage human resources during the COVID-19 pandemic by the Ghana Revenue Authority in Ghana. This was necessary because, even though electr...

    Authors: Juliana Abagsonema Abane, Edward Brenya and Andrews Boakye Agyapong
    Citation: Future Business Journal 2023 9:89
  5. The level of satisfaction received on the job is highly essential in the discharge of duty. Nurses' respected level of job satisfaction improves turnover, commitment, and patient satisfaction. This study asses...

    Authors: Joseph Olawale Olaniyan, Kemisola Mercy Adetunji and Ademola Abiodun Adetunji
    Citation: Future Business Journal 2023 9:87
  6. This study investigated the impact of monetary policy channels on the real sector performance in selected sub-Saharan African countries. This study covers the period 1990 to 2020. The broad objective of the st...

    Authors: Ifeoma Florence Onaga, Augustine C. Arize, Josaphat U. J Onwumere and Ebere Ume Kalu
    Citation: Future Business Journal 2023 9:49
  7. Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, financial and commodity markets have exhibited significant volatility and displayed fat tail properties, deviating from the normal probability curve. The recent Russia...

    Authors: Izunna Anyikwa and Andrew Phiri
    Citation: Future Business Journal 2023 9:48
  8. In the wake of the pandemic, retail services—especially vulnerable to ethical dilemmas due to heightened market instability—demand a deeper understanding of service employees’ behaviors. This research investig...

    Authors: Ishtehar Sharif Swazan and Song-yi Youn
    Citation: Future Business Journal 2023 9:84
  9. Sports fans participate in supporting sports teams by demonstrating various attitudinal behaviors such as loyalty, purchase intention, and stadium attendance. However, although the literature indicates that sp...

    Authors: David Amani
    Citation: Future Business Journal 2023 9:83
  10. The health emergency undertaken by the Ethiopian government to counter the impact of the Covid-19 virus has been reflected in consumer behavior. The study aims to identify changes in consumer buying behavior a...

    Authors: Ahmed Mohammed Yimer, Tsadiku Setegne Dessie, Seid Hussein Oumer and Mohammed Yimam Ali
    Citation: Future Business Journal 2023 9:82
  11. The study investigates what causes non-performing loans (NPLs) in developed and developing countries. To identify the relationship between bank-specific, macroeconomic determinants, and institutional environme...

    Authors: Shikha Goyal, Nikita Singhal, Nandita Mishra and Subhash Kumar Verma
    Citation: Future Business Journal 2023 9:45
  12. Sustainability is a vital perspective for banks to keep their survival in the long run. While nonperforming loans (NPLs) also impact sustainability, this study aims to examine the moderating impact of NPLs on ...

    Authors: Saba Iqbal and Safia Nosheen
    Citation: Future Business Journal 2023 9:46
  13. While psychological, emotional, and physical exhaustion has contributed to unproductivity across various dimensions of work life, how work burnout has shaped the organisational commitment of medical profession...

    Authors: Valerie Onyia Babatope, Jude Okoye, Ibrahim Ayoade Adekunle and Johnson Fejoh
    Citation: Future Business Journal 2023 9:44
  14. This paper presents the results of ridge regression analysis of the relationship between government spending in emancipation programmes and multidimensional poverty, focusing on South Africa. Through the Princ...

    Authors: Mlungisi Mokoena and Adrino Mazenda
    Citation: Future Business Journal 2023 9:78
  15. Social media has recently played a highly impactful role in communication. Specifically, these channels are vital and have a substantial influence on the attitudes, behavioural intentions, and actual behaviour...

    Authors: Zyad M. Alzaydi and Mohamed H. Elsharnouby
    Citation: Future Business Journal 2023 9:42
  16. This research assesses the effect of capital structure on the sustainability of Microfinance Institutions (MFIs) in Bamenda, Cameroon. We use panel data obtained from audited annual financial statements of fif...

    Authors: Dobdinga Cletus Fonchamnyo, Tony Anyangwe, Ndichia Nana Chantal and Gildas Dohba Dinga
    Citation: Future Business Journal 2023 9:41
  17. Computer-assisted audit techniques (CAATs) are used by auditors to automate some of their tasks. Since most transactions in accounting are computerized, auditing of accounting data follows this process as well...

    Authors: Ahmad Almagrashi, Abdulwahab Mujalli, Tehmina Khan and Osama Attia
    Citation: Future Business Journal 2023 9:74
  18. This research aims at producing a thorough and accurate analysis on how big data as a service and business intelligence capabilities provide a series of opportunities for small and medium enterprises to succee...

    Authors: Pham Quang Huy and Vu Kien Phuc
    Citation: Future Business Journal 2023 9:40
  19. In today's digital economy, digital wallets are becoming increasingly significant. Various factors influence digital wallet’s usage behaviour, e.g. consumer attitudes and views of digital wallets, the perceive...

    Authors: Waseem Ahmad Khan and Zain Ul Abideen
    Citation: Future Business Journal 2023 9:73
  20. Inflation is the industrious and non-stop ascent in the overall prices of any given commodity in an economy. During the global food crisis, Ethiopia experienced an unprecedented increase in inflation ranked th...

    Authors: Alebachew Abebe, Aboma Temesgen and Belete Kebede
    Citation: Future Business Journal 2023 9:72
  21. This study investigates the challenges and motivations for women entrepreneurs in the service sector of Pakistan. Women’s business ownership is widely recognized as a critical component of a healthy economy be...

    Authors: Syed Aamir Alam Rizvi, Syed Jamal Shah, Muhammad Azeem Qureshi, Saima Wasim, Abdur Rahman Aleemi and Mohsin Ali
    Citation: Future Business Journal 2023 9:71
  22. The purpose of this paper was to contribute to the dimension of online consumer engagement in the emerging markets. The study is based on the social presence theory factors. The study evaluated 443 data sets o...

    Authors: Abraham Yeboah, Ofosu Agyekum, Vida Owusu-Prempeh and Kwadwo Boateng Prempeh
    Citation: Future Business Journal 2023 9:69
  23. Despite the overwhelming consensus on the positive effect of financial inclusion on economic outcomes, there is limited rigorous micro-econometric evidence on the causal impact of financial inclusion on househ...

    Authors: Mohammed Seid Hussen and Mustafe Abdi Mohamed
    Citation: Future Business Journal 2023 9:67
  24. This study intends to determine whether and to what extent policyholders admitted to the hospital for COVID-19 treatment receive financial support from their health insurance. The researcher interviewed 67 hea...

    Authors: Nikita Singhal, Almas Sultana and Shikha Goyal
    Citation: Future Business Journal 2023 9:39
  25. The way Jobseekers apply for jobs has drastically changed due to the rise of digital technology. With the rise of social media Jobseekers nowadays typically utilize social networking sites or other online plat...

    Authors: Sara Mohamed Abdelaziz El-Menawy and Pancie Salah Saleh
    Citation: Future Business Journal 2023 9:65
  26. Consumer attitudes towards the unlawful disposal of solid waste products in Ghana, particularly Sunyani, continue to be a challenge. The study is based on the attribution theory. A sample size of seven hundred...

    Authors: Abraham Yeboah, Nana Owusu-Frimpong, Ofosu Agyekum and Vida Owusu-Prempeh
    Citation: Future Business Journal 2023 9:64
  27. Green tourism, social media branding and technology adoption have recently become the most powerful elements in the tourism world during and post-COVID19 pandemic. This paper aims to investigate the effects of...

    Authors: Option Takunda Chiwaridzo and Reason Masengu
    Citation: Future Business Journal 2023 9:63
  28. Distressed companies create panic among the investors, and the overall effect comes on the economy and leads to a degraded image and value of the companies. Transparency and disclosure involve disclosing the o...

    Authors: Venkata Mrudula Bhimavarapu, Shailesh Rastogi, Jagjeevan Kanoujiya and Aashi Rawal
    Citation: Future Business Journal 2023 9:62
  29. An optimal bankruptcy regime is one which avoids taking/giving loans during financial crisis, provides a provision for entrepreneurship, and further provides for achieving a maximum total value for the distres...

    Authors: N.V.V. Satyanarayana Puchakayala and Ramanujam Veluchamy
    Citation: Future Business Journal 2023 9:61
  30. Sustainable economic growth and environmental degradation are two concerns confronting humanity. Saudi Arabia has seen a dramatic rise in its atmospheric carbon emissions during the last three decades. From 19...

    Authors: Manal Ayyad Dhif Alshammry and Saqib Muneer
    Citation: Future Business Journal 2023 9:60
  31. As competition for gaining high-profit margins and survival among organizations (in the situation caused by COVID-19) grows, the number of business scandals or unethical pro-organizational behavior (UPOB) incr...

    Authors: Kausar Fiaz Khawaja, Muddassar Sarfraz and Mahmoona Khalil
    Citation: Future Business Journal 2023 9:38
  32. Tourism, as one of the major contributors to the world GDP, offers a wide range of economic and non-economic benefits to global society. The exchange of culture and values through travel and tourism improves h...

    Authors: Ubais Parayil Iqbal, V. K. Hamza, Lenin Kumar Nooney and Shajeer Sainudeen
    Citation: Future Business Journal 2023 9:59

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