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Table 2 Variable measurement.

From: The nexus between standalone risk committees and tax aggressiveness: evidence from Nigeria

Variable Variable type Code Measurement Source
Tax aggressiveness Dependent CASHFETR Cash tax paid divided by net cash flow from operating activities Salihu et al. [51]
Risk management Independent RSKCM Dummy (Assign 1 if risk management committee is established, otherwise, 0) Abdullah and Shukor [1]; Larasati et al. [33]
Audit committee size Control ACSIZE Number of members on the committee Al Lawati and Hussainey [6]
Board independence Control BIND The ratio of independent non-executive directors to total board size Abdullah and Shukor [1]; Guluma [23]
Firm size Control FSIZE Log of total assets Hines and Peters [25]
Institutional ownership Control INOWN The ratio of shares held by institutional shareholders to total outstanding shares Khurana and Moser [32]
Loss firms Control LOSS Dummy (1 = loss, otherwise, 0) Lee and Swenson [34]