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Table 3 Bayer and Hanck [10] cointegration

From: Tripartite relationship between FDI, trade openness and economic growth amidst global economic crisis in Nigeria: application of combined cointegration and augmented ARDL analysis

Estimated model EG-JOH EG-JOH-BO-BDM EG-JOH EG-JOH-BO-BDM Cointegration
1. Frgdp (lnrgdp| lnintrade, lnk, lnl, lnPcrd, lncrisis) 18.9276a 26.8662a    YES
2. Frgdp (lnrgdp| lnexport,lnimport, lnk, lnl, lnPcrd, lncrisis)    55.576a 166.1003a YES
3. Frgdp (lnrgdp| lninflow, lnk, lnl, lnPcrd, lncrisis) 15.7071b 35.9855a    YES
4. Frgdp (lnrgdp| lnintrade, lnk, lnl lnPcrd, ln(trade*crisis) 55.7115a 62.2535a    YES
5. Frgdp (lnrgdp| lnexport, lnk, lnl, lnPcrd, ln(export*crisis) 19.1609a 21.6699a    YES
6. Frgdp (lnrgdp| lnimport, lnk, lnl, lnPcrd, ln(import*crisis) 17.3731a 21.3358a    YES
7. Frgdp (lnrgdp| lninflow, lnk, lnl, lnPcrd, ln(inflow*crisis) 18.2767a 41.7489a    YES
5% critical value 10.419 19.888 10.352 19.761  
  1. a, b and c indicate 1%, 5% and 10% level of significance