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Table 1 Source and computation of data

From: The impact of government policies on Nigeria economic growth (case of fiscal, monetary and trade policies)

Variable Definition Calculation/computation Source
y/GDPPC Gross domestic product per capita GDP divided by population WBI
k/GCF Total capital stock is measured by gross capital formation Consists of expenses related to additions to the fixed assets of the economy, plus net changes in the level of inventories WBI
M2 Money supply Consists of the sum of non-banked currencies, demand deposits, savings deposits, money market securities and other term deposits CBN Bulletin
INTR Interest rate   CBN Bulletin
GEXP Total government expenditure The sum of recurrent expenditure and capital expenditure CBN Bulletin
GREV Government revenue The sum of oil and non-oil revenues CBN Bulletin
TRO Trade openness Trade is the sum of exports and importations of goods and services as a percentage of gross domestic product WBI