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Table 10 Summary of the hypotheses tested

From: Impact of corporate social responsibility on organization’s financial performance: evidence from Maldives public limited companies

Hypothesis number Relationship between two variables Expected relationship Result (P Value) Outcome
H1 Community and ROE Positive 0.253 Not supported
H2 Community and ROA Positive 0.711 (–) Not supported
H3 Community and EPS Positive 0.289 (–) Not supported
H4 Environmental and ROE Positive 0.013 (–) Supported
H5 Environmental and ROA Positive 0.321 (–) Not supported
H6 Environmental and EPS Positive 0.497 Not supported
H7 Workplace and ROE Positive 0.236 Not supported
H8 Workplace and ROA Positive 0.065 Not supported
H9 Workplace and EPS Positive 0.521 (–) Not supported
H10 Diverse and ROE Positive 0.236 (–) Not supported
H11 Diverse and ROA Positive 0.044 (–) Supported
H12 Diverse and EPS Positive 0.006 (–) Supported
H13-01 ROE and firm size Positive 0.163 (–) Not supported
H13-02 ROA and firm size Positive 0.000 (–) Supported
H13-03 EPS and firm size Positive 0.639 Not supported